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Ford Sierra Sapphire Cosworth 44 "Rouse Sport 304-R REPLICA" 1992 - The "Rouse Sport" Sierra Sapphire Cosworth was developed for Ford Motor Company by their famous BTCC Championship winning Driver and Motorsport Company owner Andy Rouse. With their extra 5250 including Vat price tag over the standard car, these were officially the most expensive Sierra Cosworth sold by Ford. Made in two variants the 302R and 304R (2wd and 4wd respectively). Plans were made to build 100 cars but in the end only 67 or so were made. This lovely condition car is a replica of a 304R, built from an original Rouse Sport car that needed re-shelling due to corrosion. The owner at the time has confirmed that he took the Rouse parts including the engine and transplanted them into this shell, keeping the numbered plate these specials had and the VIN plate from the original car. This way there was no confusion over the authenticity of the car he had built and that you see here today. Today, it is still in very good condition. The unique and much more aggressive body kit and rear spoiler are all present and correct. Inside you will find the full leather interior complete with "Rouse Sport" Monogramed seats made by Recaro, complete with bigger side bolsters and extra wings on the front seats to replicate the race seats found in their motorsport counterparts. Mechanically everything is described as very good having been owned by an "Old School" 74 Year old mechanic for the last couple of years. He bought the car directly from an insurance company with the front bumper missing. He replaced the front bumper and went through the car, addressing the smaller problems as well as fitting an up-rated front diff unit and a new sports clutch. There is a current MOT carried out only 3 miles ago, through to the 10th of January next year. NOTE: Listed on HPI as a Category D claim i.e. Cosmetic or theft only with no chassis or suspension damage. Not unusual for a "Cosworth" as being the "Target car" for any self-respecting thief or joy rider, so many on the road today have been damaged or stolen at some point of their existence! What is unusual and you can only surmise, that this one must have been found before it was stripped into a million pieces and sold off to unsuspecting( in most cases) Cosworth owners. With the above in mind, the vendor has placed a much reduced reserve on what is essentially a very nice, good condition, very well appointed, Sierra Sapphire Cosworth 44. With a full "Rouse Sport" kit fitted (apart from a Plaque) and one which unlike the donor car is not rusted out.
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