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Bentley "Brooklands" 1996 - Having been owned by a company director since June 2005 and only really used for family weddings and other special occasions, this lovely 1996 Bentley "Brooklands" has barely covered 2000 miles a year while owned by him and as such has a mere 111500 miles on the clock. Unfortunately, as he has lost the history previous to him owning the car and although he says there was 5000 spent on it when he first purchased it (full service, brakes etc) apart from the MOT history that shows in 2006 the car has 93K on the clock there is no history, shame but thats the truth of it. The body work is in good condition, just one door slightly out of colour due to a vandal scratch being repaired and so in certain lights the metallic paint on that panel shows a slightly different hue. But otherwise the paint work shows a lovely deep shine with all the bright work being in good order. The car as a package drives well with the engine, gear box and general mechanics all described as good by the vendor and there is a current MOT through to October this year. Interior is nice with just some light recolonising required predominately to the drivers seat, unusually for a Bentley of this era that it has not already been done! The rest of the interior is in fine fettle and just a lovely place to be. There is just something about Bentley and Rolls Royce interiors that just "whispers" class that other manufacturers just struggle to get. So no this lovely bit of British motoring history has lost its service history, but with the low reserve set by the vendor (lower than we suggested) where will you ever buy a better one for this sort of money? It is a turn key, ready to go "Brooklands" in a gorgeous colour for half the price of a good MK1 XR2 Fiesta!! The perfect starter classic, show car or even an instant "Wedding Business" NOTE: The car was on a personal plate. This has now been removed and replaced with the correct "N" registration.
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