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Cherokee Jeep 2.5 Diesel Manual 1999 - ust released from a company that specialises in the supply of military vehicles for the film or advertising industry as surplus to requirement and prior to undergoing the normal transformation, is this very straight 1999 Cherokee Jeep. Fitted with the rarer 2.5 Diesel engine and a manual gearbox, both of which are described as good. General mechanics are good as are the electrics. The interior is in black leather, all in good order. Outside the black paintwork needs a damn good polish but once done will look much nicer than in these poor pictures ( for which we apologise but there was a bit of a log jam behind some massive Soviet truck that was blocking the exit better ones to follow once its been moved). Once the aforementioned truck has been started and moved then the vendor will be taking this Jeep for an MOT so there will be a new one in place prior to sale. All in all a tidy 44 Jeep offered at a sensible price.
Condition Report