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Citroen 2CV 1985 Fully Restored - This beautiful 2CV has been subject to a full restoration bringing it back to a factory fresh finish and is probably one of the best 2CVs on the market today. The vendor who also restored it, was not aiming for an over the top shiny trinket but more the original finish of a new car as it would have been in a showroom back in 1985. Where ever possible this theme of originality has been stuck to and this shows no better than when you examine the paintwork. The brief to the painter charged with the job was to use original type paint and laid on to the factory colours. The result is excellent with the blue being contrasted nicely by the cream. This was no "paint what can be seen exercise" but a total paint inside and out. Lift the mats inside, or look under the seats and you will see the same level of care and attention. Mechanically it received a rebuilt engine complete with a new fly wheel and clutch, the engine having suffered from standing for so long as the car was off the road from 1996. All other mechanical items were stripped and rebuilt or replaced where necessary. The freshly restored road wheels were then shod with a set of new tyres. The interior? Well have a look at the pictures or examine it on the day, what can you say other than it is excellent and as close to new as you will find. Retrimed correctly in the right cloth pattern and correct colour. While apart all the electrics were renewed so everything works correctly, not that there is a lot to go wrong in the first place, but no nasty old wires suffering from years of home "maintenance" on this car. So if you are looking for a 2CV that is almost new you would not go far wrong with this one. Only 48718 miles on the clock, complete with some history and its handbooks, jack and wheel brace, somebody is going to be very happy to own it to use or to show. Prices of good 2CVs just keep going up year on year so this could also be an excellent investment opportunity and one you would not have to spend a penny on. There will also be a new MOT on the car so its ready to go on the day.
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