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Fiat Strada 130 "Abarth" 198 - Fiat took the "Hot Hatch " market by storm when in 1982 some bright spark decided to enlist the help of the famous Italian tuning house "Abarth" who took a 130 horse power, 2 litre version of Fiats superb twin-cam engine and dropped it in the front of the mundane Fiat Strada. Uprated the brakes, gave it one off Cromodora Alloy wheels shod with low profile tyres, a nice subtle body kit and a sporty interior complete with bucket seats in the front. Instant classic Hot Hatch and for a while it was also the fastest one in a very crowded market, out trumped eventually by the Golf GTi. Now while the Golf might well have been a better built car blah blah blah, it still does not have that feel you only get from an Italian car or the sound from that lovely engine. Always slightly rough on tick over but just wanting to be revved. These really are a drivers car. Today they are a very rare beast, with only 4 currently registered on the road in the UK. This particular car has survived miraculously well, little or no corrosion, its paint having been refreshed at some point and still in very good order. Interior wise the seats and door cards have been retrimed in leather. Apparently the original seat covers are still underneath, although the vendor has never tried to see what condition they are in. All the electrics work and the general mechanics and running gear are all stated to be very good. The original alloys are all in excellent order and are fitted with a matching set of virtually unused Avons. Being first registered in August 1987 this has to be one of the last cars to arrive here in the UK. Only now available due to its owner reducing his collection to a more manageable size, he looked long and hard for this car prior to purchase. In the pictures it is exactly as it came from storage so not been cleaned, this will be done prior to the auction as will a fresh MOT, there is also large amount of bills, invoices etc for work done over the years. Note: while the car will have an MOT we would recommend that after standing for the last 3 years that an amount of light recommissioning should take place prior to use.
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