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Triumph TR7 Convertible Automatic 1981 "Resto Project" - Having spent the best part of 15 years locked away in a garage, this rare TR7 Automatic is being offered as a project car that needs some recommissioning or light restoration? First registered in April 81 this was one of only 100 cars in this gold colour, now with only 5 TR7 Autos left in the UK taxed for road use and a further 18 on SORN, it makes you wonder how many are Gold, could this be the only one? The last registered keeper has had it since 1993 and it was at this point he carried out extensive restoration work including a bare metal respray after any rot had been cut out, an engine build and all the mechanics were over hauled. The body repairs are documented in a pictorial file. Along with these pictures are all the invoices for the engine work etc and MOTs from 1986 to 1999 helping to back up the 76000 miles on the clock. Unfortunately it has been left standing outside for the last couple of years and this has taken its toll. Paintwork is still good, just a few areas that need attention. Body work is very straight, the only significant damage being a small dent about the size of a ten pence on the front corner of the l/h front wing. Interior is good, a couple of small nicks in the seat squabs and some slight damage to the outer edge of the drivers seat back, all an easy repair. Dash board, clocks, switch gear, carpets are all good. The convertible top needs at the least new side windows and some minor repairs to the vinyl surrounding them, caused by the owners son trying to put the roof down on a freezing cold morning! We put a new battery on and some water in the rad, and she fired up, a bit lumpy until warm, then a high tick over, so carbs will need some work. Unfortunately we then discovered the low water was down to a blown radiator which is leaking badly along the bottom edge, so it was turned off. While it was running the engine was quiet, the exhaust did not blow, the automatic gear box selected gears and the brakes worked. So good news there. Electrics including the heater blower motor worked (headlights do not lift when switched on but operate on main beam flash so not a motor problem). Having seen a metallic green version sell at another auction last year for 6000, which was not much better in fact worse in some areas than this one, we think it will make a very worthwhile project for somebody. A rare car that is well worth the effort.
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