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Ford Fiesta MK1 "Quartz Economy" 1.1 1983 - t still never fails to amuse me that when looking at "rare cars" like Ferraris and Jags, that a 1983 Ford Fiesta is actually a rarer sight today! This particular example is a 1983 Fiesta Quartz 1.1 "Economy" with now only 4 examples taxed for road use and a further 3 on SORN, so only 7 left in total. First registered in February 1983 it passed into the vendors grandfathers ownership in September 1988, he owned it until it was passed to the vendor January 2016, having been off road since 1995. Now with us to offer at Auction. We have fitted a new battery, fresh petrol and off it went! Surprised would be an understatement, but as the petrol tank had been left vented so was dry and the car had been stood in a garage until the start of 2016, maybe not? With only 67K on the clock (no proof of this but believed to be correct) the engine sounds very good and starts easily even in the sub-zero temperatures of recent. Clutch is free and the gear box moves through all the gears. Brakes work but do drag slightly from standing. The tyres are all very old with badly perished sidewalls, but hold air. Still fitted to the original one off trimmed wheels peculiar to the "quartz" models, with their orange bands. Body is exceptionally solid for an unrestored Ford of this vintage but shows the signs of many years of "Touch-ups" no nasty dents just a multitude of different versions of "Diamond White"! Although totally useable as is a respray would be required. An important point to make is all the original "Quartz" Exterior graphics are present and useable, just a single rubbing strip missing from the r/h rear quarter. There is an "MOT "type repair evident to the r/h outer sill but otherwise the underneath looks to be very sound but closer inspection is advised. Under the bonnet is excellent with just surface rust on the sharp edges but no rotten bulk head, battery tray or inner wings at all! Apart from some corrosion around the sun roof aperture and along the base of the rear window and lower edge of the tailgate, this has to be one of the most solid original shells you will find. It has been pointed out that it would make an excellent candidate to "re-shell" an XR2 or Super Sport Fiesta with but why would you want to, this car is rarer and original?? Interior is very good with the "Quartz "up market seats fitted with head rests and nicer cloth and apart from two cigarette burns to the rear seat base, needing no more than a light clean. Dash is un-cracked, even the radio and time clock still work. Unfortunately the head lining which is very good otherwise, does have slight damage by the back window. All the electrics seem to work apart from the rear window wiper which is missing. Offered "as is" and ripe for either recommissioning to use or to fully restore, this is a rare Ford that was last available for sale 28 years ago and not your normal worn out example . Sorry for the poor picture quality, better ones will follow once the fog has lifted from Essex and you can see outside! Now done.
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