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Porsche "Junior" Tractor 1959 - This superb 1959 Porsche Tractor is guaranteed to make you smile, whether you are an avid collector of agricultural machinery, a lover of old cars or a 10 year old lad or lass holding its parents hand at our auction. Come on its cute admit it! Porsche like fellow supercar maker Lamborghini, owe their heritage to much humbler beginnings. Dr Ferdinand Porsche started tractor design and production in the early 30s, his remit was to produce a range of tractors that were very advanced but would be "The Peoples Tractor", solid, reliable and easy to maintain, sound familiar? This example is a 1959 "Junior" with a single cylinder diesel engine, complete with hand throttle and brake, rear power output, sprung drivers seat and electric start. This tractor has not been restored and in fact was in use up to a couple of years ago. Press the key in, give it some throttle, push the start button and off it goes, well chugs. All three forward and the reverse gear engage correctly, the brakes work very well, but the tyres, especially the front ones, look like they have been on since 1959 and desperately need changing, but all hold pressure. The front lights work but the rear ones are missing their lenses. The body work is excellent and the common consensus of opinion is it would almost be a shame to destroy its "patina" after surviving for so long untouched but yes, if you want a show piece then it does need to be painted. A rare tractor and one that continues our reputation of finding rare vehicles. It is road registered but the registration would need to be reapplied for with DVLA if you want to drive it on the road as there is currently no V5 with the tractor. Note: Light enough to be transported on a van sized transporter.
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SOLD FOR £6500